Could I BE Wearing Any More Clothes?

Guess who I wrangled into a SERIES of Mischief Missions? Oh, only the actual Dick and Dom. Serious!

To kick off. This first mission is all about instant fun. It’s EVEN funnier when you’re doing it. The challenge is, see who can put on the most clothes in 60 seconds! Funny part is how ridiculous you will look after…

Let’s watch Dick and Dom give it a go!

Click to play video

Well done Dick and Dom. That was FUNNY!

Your turn!

You Will Need

Below is all you need to try this out at home:

  • Access to lots of clothes. Think fancy dress, wigs, onesies, anything you can find
  • Willing family members
  • Timer

That’s it!

The whole point is that you don’t need to prepare anything and it’s just good, mischievous fun.


How To Do This At Home

Honestly. All you need is some clothes, fancy dress even better, a timer and family members willing to join in. Have fun folks!

Don’t forget to share your videos and pictures with me on @maoam_uk on Instagram, @maoamuk on Facebook or @OfficialMAOAM on Twitter! I will judge the true winner…