Mini Mischief Challenge: Balloon Surprise

Hey, it’s your favourite mischief-maker Max here! Time to prank the whole family with another Mini Mischief Challenge.

Everyone loves a surprise, right? I absolutely do! The more mischievous the better, of course.

This challenge is all about the element of surprise. Take it away Dick and Dom…

Click to play video

Fancy pranking a family member with this one?

You Will Need:

  • Plenty of balloons – This prank works better with helium balloons. I had a look and you can easily buy a helium canister online: Still works as a fun surprise with any balloons though folks!
  • An empty toy box
  • A distraction for the kids

How to do this at home

Without the kids seeing, blow up all of your balloons, ideally safely using a helium canister, empty the toy box and hide the evidence. Think the closet, under the bed or in the shed. You don’t want anyone guessing you’re up to something, so be super sneaky.

Fill the toy box with all your blown-up balloons. Ensuring the lid is firmly down so none are visible.

Casually, ask a family member to go and grab a toy from the toy box. When they open the toy box, out will fly the balloons. SURPRISE. You have to film their reaction. I LOVE watching your challenge reactions folks.

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