Mini Mischief Challenge: Lost in Jelly

It’s MAOAM’s mischief maker, Max here! Now, I have a very, very important question for you… do you like jelly?

Of course you do! Seriously, who doesn’t?

Well, you’re in luck! My pals, Dick and Dom, have a sweet challenge for you. See what I did there? I just love a pun! Let’s see how they got on with my Lost in Jelly mini mischief mission…

Click to play video

Fancy trying it out with your family?

You will need:

  • A delicious pack of jelly
  • A jelly mould – you can also get creative and use a bowl/other household items as a mould
  • Your child’s favourite *waterproof* toy mwahahaha
  • Boiling water
  • A jug

How To Do This At Home

First things first, folks. Sneak into your child’s bedroom and grab their favourite toy. Now remember, it must be waterproof! Otherwise, there may be a few tears which will be a bit off pudding… there I go again. I can’t help myself!

Once your child is fast asleep. Place their toy into a jelly mould. Make your jelly, by mixing the jelly pack with boiling water in a jug. Mix it up well folks!

Once it’s perfectly mixed, pour the mixture into the mould. Sealing the toy in jelly, forever! Well… until the jelly gets eaten.

Put your jelly mixture into the fridge. Then, once set, serve up your jelly-toy surprise and see your child’s reaction. Mischief officially complete!

I want to see your child’s Lost in Jelly challenge reactions!

Send them over to @maoam_uk on Instagram, @maoamuk on Facebook or @OfficialMAOAM on Twitter!