Mini Mischief Challenge: Spider Scare

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It’s your favourite mischief maker here, Max! How you doing? Fan of spiders?

If you’re not, don’t worry. No real spiders are used in this challenge. Phew!

The famous mischievous duo, Dick and Dom, had a whirl at my Spider Scare Mini Mischief Challenge…

Want to spook out a family member with this one?

You Will Need:

• Template print out of a spider
• Scissors
• Lamp
• Double-sided tape or Blu-Tac
• Family member that’s scared of spiders *hehehe*

How To Do This At Home

First folks, find a spooky spider template online. The bigger the better – so it stands out. Get it printed. Grab your scissors. Cut out your template, making sure no one sees you. You don’t want to give the fun away. Using double-sided tape or Blu-Tac, stick the spider template inside a lamp and wait. Patiently. Until someone turns it on then…ahhhh…mischief accomplished!

I want to see your Spider Scare challenge reactions!

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