Shut Your Ears

Dick & Dom with Max

Hey guys. It’s me again. Max!

Have you met my new friends yet? Dick and Dom. You know, the guys from telly. I’ve been challenging them to get up to some mischief. It’s been a lot of fun!

I’ve challenged them to a new mischievous mission. Make as much noise as you can in 60 seconds. Without stopping. But, wait, wait wait… you didn’t think I’d make it that easy did you? You can’t. Use. Your. Mouth.

Let’s see who won.

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Now, who’s next to be challenged… um let me see… ah, yes YOU! I challenge you and your family to make the biggest racket possible! Remember, not using your mouth!

You Will Need

Below is all you need to try this out at home:

  • Objects which make noise. Think, whoopie cushion, pots and pans, horns, keys and instruments
  • Willing family members
  • Understanding neighbours
  • Timer

How To Do This At Home

Another super simple mission that anyone can join in!

You just need to gather all your noisy objects, set your timer and have a family member keeping tabs on who successfully makes the most noise. WITHOUT using your mouth or stopping.

Make sure you send me your videos on @maoam_uk on Instagram, @maoamuk on Facebook or @OfficialMAOAM on Twitter! I’ll then be able to help pick the winner in your family!

Ready? On your marks. Get set. NOISE!