The Cake Fake Mischief Mission

Hi folks it’s me, MAOAM’s mischievous mascot, Max!

Who’s in the mood for another mischief mission! GO ON. You know you want to… yes? I knew you would say that.

So, here’s another trick, tried and tested by my favourite mischievous duo, Dick and Dom.

This one is a piece of cake. Take it away!

Click to play video

Max’s Pranking Top Tips

  • The Cake Fake prank is PERFECT for adding mischief to birthdays… go on, dare you!
  • If you add MAOAM Sweets and cream instead of shaving foam, you can still enjoy these after the prank is done.
  • Make sure you have a real cake ready after the fake one – you can still decorate your real cake with MAOAM sweets too 😉