MAOAM’S Merrily Mischievous Advent Calendar

Yule have lots of festive fun counting down to Christmas with our Merrily Mischievous Advent Calendar!

Christmas is coming, and you can have plenty of MAOAM fun counting down to the big day with this jolly advent calendar craft. Open the door to merry mischief in the lead up to Christmas and find a sweet surprise waiting for you inside. Leaving you feeling jingly-tingly all day, every day, for 24 days!


You will need:

  • 24 small paper cups
  • MAOAM chews and any other mischievous surprises you’d like
  • Tissue paper in fun festive colours (think red and green or gold and silver)
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pens or paint
  • Elastic bands
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Foam board big enough to stick the cups onto, about 50 x 75cm

Let’s start making!

1. Fill your 24 cups with MAOAM chews and any other mischievous surprises you’d like to hide inside. This could be a funny joke, a silly riddle or even a cheeky dare.


2. Next, cut your tissue paper into 24 circles. Make sure they’re big enough to overlap the top of your cups. Then use your felt tip pens or paints to write the numbers 1–24 on your tissue paper.


3. Cover each filled cup with a piece of tissue paper and hold in place with an elastic band.

4. Now it’s time to start arranging your numbered cups onto your foam board. You can make any shape you like, but we think a Christmas tree is perfect. Try mixing the numbers up out of order to make finding each day a fun challenge!


5. Once you’ve arranged your cups how you want them, use a pencil to lightly draw around the base of each cup and write the number so you know where to glue them later. Use your felt tip pens or paint to decorate the foam board around your design. We painted a big yellow star for the top of our Christmas tree!


6. Next, use your glue gun to stick the base of each cup to the foam board, following your pencil marks as a guide (little hands will need a grown-up’s help with this bit).

7. All finished! Your MAOAM Merrily Mischievous Advent Calendar is now ready for you to start the countdown on 1st December. Poke a hole through the tissue paper to reveal the merry mischief every day leading up to Christmas!


We’d love to see you having fun with your MAOAM Merrily Mischievous Advent Calendar! Tell us what surprises you’ve hidden inside and post your photos and videos of the fun with #MAOAMmischief