Max’s Brilliant Bonfire Night Ideas

Brilliant Bonfire Night

Howdy-do! Max here. I love this time of year! First, we had Halloween – did you get up to any antics like me?

Next up…it’s Bonfire Night! Normally I love to catch all the fireworks lighting up the sky and a toasty bonfire. There might be less of them this year, but we can still have plenty of mischievous fun at home! How? Prepare to be blown away folks…

Firework Paintings

No fireworks? No problem! Create your own rocket decorations to add some whizzbang to your indoor fun! Woohoo!


You will need 

Spare toilet tubes (one for each rocket)

Colourful card

Colourful tissue paper

Felt tips



Optional Extras: Glitter, shiny streamers


Step 1

First, we’re decorating our toilet tubes which will form the main part of the rocket.

Colour in or use different coloured strips of tissue paper to create a cool helter-skelter stripe all around the rocket. Then glue in place. Awesome!


Step 2

Add your rocket sparks!

Take either more coloured tissue, paper or even streamers and cut into long strips (about 20cm).

Then glue them in a few cm inside one end of the tube to create a stream of colour!


Step 3

Now we have to give our rocket a top. Trace around the open end of a toilet tube with pencil onto another piece of colourful card. Then draw a larger circle (aim for another 3cm wider) around that and cut out.

Make a cut from the edge of the circle stopping at the centre. Holding the card on either side of the cut, pull one side over the top to form a cone shape. Tape in place (it’s neater on the inside). You have your rocket top! Glue or tape on top of your rocket body. COOL!

Now all that’s left is to repeat as many times as you like!

Water Firework Jar

Did you see Dick and Dom’s Bizarre Jar prank for Halloween? Then you’ll know how much fun you can get from a simple jar (if not, check it out here!). Let’s create some cool 3D fireworks!


You will need

An empty jar

4 tbsp of cooking oil

Food colouring – use lots of fun colours!


A bowl

Paper towels

A spoon


Step 1

Fill your jar about ¾ of the way with water and set aside. Easy.


Step 2

It’s mixing time! In another bowl, add 3 tablespoons of cooking oil along with several drops of food colouring.

Max Tip: Add 3-5 drops of food colouring for each colour that you are using.


Step 3

Use a spoon to stir the food colouring into the oil, breaking up the food colouring into smaller droplets. Notice how it doesn’t mix? That’s the magic we need for our fireworks folks!


Step 4

Pour the container of oil into the jar of water. Get ready, this is where your fireworks will POP!

After a moment or two the oil will settle at the top of the jar, but the food colouring will begin to shoot down and mix into the water. We have lift off!!

Hot Potato Pinball

One of my favourite things on bonfire night is the food! Tucking into a piece of parkin and a yummy jacket potato. Not only can you eat them (lots of butter perlease!). But you can play a classic game of ‘hot potato’ – better cooled though 😉

If you’re feeling mischievous (and when am I not?) you can add some MAOAM Pinballs into the mix. Much smaller. Much harder to catch. Guaranteed laughs and chaos!

Simply cook and cool a baked potato, stand in a circle and toss the potato from person to person. The song goes…


‘Hot potato pass it on, pass it on.

 Hot potato pass it on.

 Get rid of the hot potato!!’


Whoever it lands on when you say the final word… is out!

When you get towards the final few left in the circle, swap out your potato for a Pinball! See how they get on! Mwahahaha.

Firework Inspired Food

All this talk of grub has me feeling peckish. How about some fun, bonfire-themed snacks?

Breadstick sparklers

What’s better than sparklers you say? Ones you can snack on! This one involves less fire-eating though.


You will need

Plain breadsticks


Hundreds of thousands sprinkles (the ones that have little stars in them are even cooler!)

Optional extra: Edible glitter for extra sparkle


Step 1

Melt some chocolate in the microwave (this will vary but try 60 seconds at a time so it doesn’t burn!)


Step 2

Grab your bowl of melted chocolate and another plateful of sprinkles and edible glitter.

Then take a breadstick and dip the end in the chocolate, letting any excess drip off.


Step 3

While it’s still melted, dip the chocolatey end into the sprinkles, coating it till you can’t see the chocolate.


Step 4

Let them cool and solidify on a rack in the fridge.

Once they’re all set, display them all in a glass or a jar! They might even be cooler than the real thing!

Fruit Rockets

They might not take off in your kitchen, but these fruit rockets are much yummier than the real thing.


You will need

Palm tree cocktail sticks- the sparkly fronds at the end will look like a cool rocket blast trail!

Selection of fruit- strawberries, grapes and other colourful fruits work best!


Step 1

Slice any large chunks of fruit into 1-inch pieces. If you’re using strawberries, slice the tops off so they resemble little triangular rocket tops!


Step 2

Arrange your fruit. Remember to work backwards towards your rocket top by sliding the bottom pieces of fruit on first.

You can have real fun playing around with different colour combos here.

Top them off with a strawberry and display on a plate.

Don’t be tempted too early!

Create A Crafty Bonfire

So, we have our fireworks. Yummy food? Check. What are we missing? A toasty bonfire to gather round of course!

We’re getting crafty with this one again. You know me!


You will need

5 Toilet roll tubes (what can I say, they’re versatile!)

Yellow, orange and red tissue paper




Step 1

Carefully cut out flame shapes from the various colours of tissue paper. Start with the largest in red. Then trace a slightly smaller version in orange and glue on top. Then a little yellow version for the centre. Repeat several times.

The more flames, the bigger your fire!


Step 2

Prepare your ‘logs’. Arrange your toilet tubes to resemble logs underneath a fire and glue (this may take a few goes!)


Step 3

Take your flames and start scrunching them up! This is so satisfying. And it creates a realistic fire effect. Take the flames and slot in amongst the logs, gluing in place where needed.

Max Tip: You can make the logs even more realistic by covering in brown tissue paper and adding wood texture marks with felt tip before arranging.

I’m feeling toastier already!

Have a cracking time and I hope your bonfire night is BANG ON fun!

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Catch yah later!