School of Mischief!

Get your masters in mischief

It might be time to get back to routine, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to get back to boring! Shake up the everyday and enrol in the School of Mischief. We have lots of silly subjects and lessons in laughter to keep all our students (even our more mature ones!) well-educated in the ways of mischief. From surprising science to crafty art, there’s lots of new tricks to learn at the School of Mischief.

Magic Maths


When it comes to Magic Maths, we don’t crunch numbers, we chew them! Why not race a friend and see who comes up with the quickest answer? All you have to do is count how many MAOAM you have, double the result, add, divide, then subtract. Notice something similar about your numbers…?

This competition is now closed, but continue to check out our social channels for future chances to win some MAOAM goodies!

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Sneaky Science



Get ready for a mischievous experiment. Keep a towel handy! Take a plastic bottle of water, hold it on its side and poke a few holes in the bottom with a needle (without squeezing it!). Then leave it somewhere for your target to find…

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Mischievous Masterpiece



Create a glittering work of art! Draw a portrait of a friend, jazz it up with a few mischievous touches then slip it in an envelope. Now add their favourite MAOAM, plus a certain shiny ingredient. Sit back and enjoy the masterpiece.

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We’d love to see which of our mischievous lessons you have mastered! Show us what you’ve learned and post your photos and videos with #MAOAMmischief