Snack Hacks!

Mischievous ways to hide your fave MAOAM

Everyone knows it’s good to share. But when it comes to your precious MAOAM treats, you’re allowed to make an exception. We are talking about your favourite chews after all. So, whether it’s family or friends helping themselves when your back’s turned, here are a few fun ways to keep them away from prying hands, and more importantly, prying mouths.


Got a favourite flavour you want to keep under wraps? This quick and easy trick will make sure your No.1 chew doesn’t get snapped up!

Step 1.
Find an empty egg carton

Don’t throw that empty egg carton away! It’s going to come in very handy as a MAOAM mini safe. Even if it’s one made from cardboard, not reinforced steel!

Step 2.
Deposit your precious MAOAM

Carefully put your favourite flavour MAOAM into the carton. Or just pour them all in if you can’t decide which ones you like most.

Step 3.
Hide your stash in plain sight

Now place the filled egg carton anywhere in the kitchen. Even in the fridge if you like your treats on the cool side. Job done. Relax, your MAOAM are safe.
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The Stealth

Here’s a super simple way to eat your MAOAM without being spotted and harassed to share when all you want to do is enjoy your chew in peace and quiet. Ahh bliss!

Step 1.
Unwrap your favourite MAOAM

Holding your chosen MAOAM carefully between your fingers and thumb, unwrap your chew so you can’t hear the wrapper crumple.

Step 2.
Place entire MAOAM in your mouth

Now the fun bit! Open your mouth nice and wide and pop the whole treat in. Sideways in is probably easier.

Step 3.
Stuff your evidence into the sofa

Making sure no one is around, stuff the empty wrapper down the side of the sofa to hide the evidence.

Step 4.
Chew slowly to avoid detection

Now very, very slowly begin to chew. This might take a bit of practise, but once you’ve mastered this, you can eventually eat your MAOAM in a crowded room without being spotted. Result!
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The Cliff

This magical bit of mischief lets you tuck into MAOAM without anyone being any the wiser! All you need is a bag of your fave chews, some sticky tape and a table.

Step 1.
Attach tape to your pack of MAOAM

Take two pieces of sticky tape and attach in a criss-cross to one side of your MAOAM bag.

Step 2.
Stick underneath a table

Find a table. Any will do. Except for a glass-top one! Once you’ve chosen your table, attach your bag to the underside of it using the sticky tape. Check to make sure it’s not going to drop off and give the game away!

Step 3.
Open and enjoy your hidden treats

Carefully open the bag when no one is about. Now sit at the table and when no one is looking grab a chew and pop it in your mouth. Remember to smile sweetly whenever anyone walks past. Also, for additional cover, you can pretend to read a magazine.
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