Max’s 10 Golden Rules Of Mischief

HELLO! Nice to see you again folks. How the devil are yah?

Let’s cut the small talk and get to the good stuff. As you know. I’m all about mischief. Day in, day out. Mischief isn’t just loads of fun. It makes you bold, daring and inventive. Why should life be so serious?

Are you on board? YES. Knew it.

Below are my 10 Golden Rules Of Mischief to share with the small people. After you’ve finishing briefing the mini-mischief makers, check out my latest mischief missions with Dick and Dom. Have a blast!

1. Mischief Is Funny For EVERYONE

It’s not JUST about the mini-mischief makers. Parents. I can totally do adult humour too. How about this…

‘‘A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a cold one. The bartender says ‘‘Sorry, we don’t serve food here.’’

What D’ya think? Well, I’m rolling about laughing.

Seriously though. When parents join in the fun it brings out their inner mischief monster. That’s why I just LOVE family pranks.

Looking for a fun prank for the whole family? My ‘Could I BE Wearing Any More Clothes’ is a good one. Go on!

2. Mischief Is Simple And Easy To Pull Off

Sure. We’re not doing rocket science here (next mission, must involve rocket science…) BUT bursts of laughter and joy can turn a bad day into an AWESOME one.

This doesn’t have to be anything hard. Some of my greatest pranks and ideas are super simple ideas. Like the joy of making sock puppets and putting on shows. Or sticking googly eyes like, onto anything. Fake spiders – cla-ssic.

Craving more mischief inspiration? You NEED to read my Mischievous Crafts ideas.

3. Mischief Never Causes Harm

I am all up for causing mischief. As far as sweets go, we’re pretty friendly folk here at MAOAM.

Mischief is all about harmless fun. If you’re worrying about the tiny people causing havoc to the whole house, make sure to set up these rules before completing any missions. Thank me later guys!

4. Mischief Uses The Imagination

Mischief and imagination go hand in hand.

You can’t cause mischief without flexing the ole imagination

I have a mischief mission for you RIGHT NOW. Grab the whole family. Tell them you want to start oiling up their imaginations for the MAOAM challenges ahead. Ask them to find the nearest object to them and give them a funny story.

Is the remote controller called Betty and recently been to Barbados?

Do the MAOAM Pinballs all secretly come alive when you leave the room and cause mischief?

I LOVE using my imagination when feeling bored.

5. Mischief Brightens Up The Everyday

Ahh the humdrum of the daily routine. Wears a little after a while right?

This is why mischief should be slotted into the normal day.

A family breakfast prank – freezing cereal is hilarious! Pretending to be spies whilst picking an outfit for the day. Everyone telling funny jokes on the way to school.

By the end of the day, the whole family has shared some pretty good laughs. LOVE IT.

6. Mischief Does The Unexpected With The Expected

I like to SURPRISE people with the mischievous pranks I play. Mwahaha. Of course, referring to rule 3 at the same time – one must not cause harm in the process of pranking.

Some of my greatest pranks are a little, hmmm, UNEXPECTED. Such as the Lost In Jelly challenge. You hide your kid’s favourite toy in jelly and leave it to set. Their reaction is priceless, and they can eat their toy out!

7. Mischief Can Be Performed Anywhere

No need to book in time to be silly. Mischief can literally be performed anywhere.

If you’re out shopping and want to keep the mini-mischief makers happy, how about you set a timer. See how fast you can get in and out!

I LOVE making little games out of normal everyday stuff. You know?

8. Mischief Is Infectious Fun

Just hearing about mischievous fun gets my heart racing. It’s such infectious fun! Now, I may be Chief Mischief Maker, but I am always on the hunt for talented recruits. I love to pass on my mischief missions because I know how much joy they bring!

Want to make up some mischief missions of your own, just think. They must be playful, silly and ALWAYS fun. You can’t go wrong as long as you include those three things.

9. Mischief Is Not Mean, Excluding Or Stressful

This goes hand in hand with my rule number 3.

Mischief is fun and playful but NEVER mean or excluding. This is why I am just so obsessed with it. You can have fun, but no one gets hurt and everyone has a good time. The more people that join in and feel INCLUDED, the more people to have harmless pranking fun with. Win win.

10. Mischief Is The Answer To Everything

Oh yes. This is my biggest rule.

Feeling sad? I think a little mischievous game can lift the mood.

Worried? Hey, how about a prank to take your mind off it?

Even if you’re in a good mood, mischief can make you feel lighter and happier. Especially if you make it part of your Everyday.


I just know you’re all FULLY on board with why mischief rocks now.

Make sure you share your mischief missions and ideas with us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. I’d love to see what you’re all getting up to.