Spooky Trick or Treasure Hunt!

Hey, it’s me, Max! I’m guessing you’re here because you love Halloween too right?

If you’re stuck indoors this Halloween, fear not! I have just the adventure for you in the form of a spooky treasure hunt! Here’s how to pull off the best Halloween hunt.

Start backwards!

Start by hiding your treasure (MAOAMs of course!) in a secret spot and make careful note of it. X marks the spot! That means you need a map…

Create your mischievous map!

Sketch out a rough map of your house for your intrepid explorers. Now is the chance to think outside the box! Designating areas of your ‘Haunted mansion’ into spooky zones makes it so much more fun!

Maybe your kitchen has a bubbling witch’s cauldron in it?

Or a dark bedroom can become a bat’s cave. Make it spooktacular with dangling paper bats and candles! Ooh I just gave myself goosebumps!

Watch out for the eerie swamp bathtub (maybe filled with slimy green washing up liquid).

Don’t be afraid (not yet anyway!) to get creative with your decorations! If you’re still scratching your noggins, I’ve got loads of cool DIY decoration ideas here!

Making the map can be a load of fun too! See how ancient you can make it look with a brewed and cooled teabag stain. Try scrunching it up and making little cuts around the border!

If you make one or two more sheets you can even cut or tear these up to create matching clue cards!

Plant your clues

Once you have your zones, think about how you can plot out different clues that will lead your treasure hunters through the house. Simple riddles or pictures can help lead them through the house towards the final hiding spot! And the MAOAM treasure!

Got your next clue hidden in the bathtub? Try something like this…

Pay a visit to the swap monster, but don’t get stuck!

How about dangling a clue from the bedroom ceiling by a string? In amongst your paper bats of course!

Come and HANG out in our cave lair!

And maybe you’ve even hidden a clue inside a bubbling cauldron? (fizzy pop works a treat!)

Have a sip of the witch’s brew and see if that will give you a clue…

Trick or treat?

This is a Halloween treasure hunt after all. As well as your delicious MAOAM treasure treat, think about planting some tricks or booby prizes along the way! Alongside your clues, add some forfeits, dares or spooky surprises. C’mon it wouldn’t be me without a prank or two!

Dress the part

It wouldn’t be the spookiest time of the year without costumes! Maybe your costumes fit in with a haunted house theme. Or your treasure seekers are actually some mischievous pirates recovering their long-lost loot. Just make sure you’re all looking your most gruesome!

Happy treat hunting! Make sure you share all your mischievous makings with us at MAOAM on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

See ya soon!