Meet Me. Max ‘The Maker of Mischief’

Meet Max

Meet Me. Max ‘The Maker of Mischief’

Seems like it’s your lucky day. I’m not just the fella you see splattered across all the MAOAM sweet wrappers. I bring a lot more to the table – like pranks and challenges. You know. The fun stuff.

I managed to free up some of my precious pranking time to be interviewed by the team here at MAOAM, so you can all get to know me a little better (I’ve been fighting off all the magazine exclusives with a stick recently).

So… meet me, Max! Some say I’m the actual maker of mischief, but I don’t like to brag…

So Max, what’s it like living in a Prankster’s Paradise?

Feels REALLY good! If you don’t believe me, here’s a hilarious prank to try out (go onnnn).

Fill an umbrella with confetti then close it up tight. When the umbrella owner goes to open it up, they’ll get a colourful confetti shower. Hilarious right?

Can you describe yourself in three words, Max?

Quirky, energetic and of course, mischievous!

Can you recognise another mischief maker when you walk into a room?

Of course! It’s like a sixth sense!

I love it when I can find a co-conspirator to make some fun and mischief with! You can usually recognise a mischief-maker straight away. They’re small. Usually giggling. Light-hearted. And are always, always, in search of their next prank! (Maybe that’s just me?).

What’s the most mischievous thing you’ve ever done?

That’s a tricky one. Maybe sneaking myself onto all the MAOAM wrappers…that was pretty cool.

Maybe I’ve got something else up my sleeve for the very near future…

If you had to CHEWSE would you pick a MAOAM Stripe or a Pinball?

Ah I don’t want to pick. Maybe the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. OK, I’m going with a Pinball. No Stripe. No, no Pinball, as I can play looooadsss of games with them 😉

Best disguise you’ve ever used?

I once dressed up as a Pinball. Did I convince you?

Tell us a funny joke you heard recently?

‘‘What did one eye say to the other?’’….’’Between us. Something smells.’’

You are hosting a dinner party and must invite three famous people. Who would you choose and why?

Let me stop you there. Instead of a dinner party, I would love to hang and skateboard with Dick and Dom. Then maybeeee, Bart Simpson? He can teach me some rad skateboard tricks. Cool!

Why do you love mischief so much?

Mischief brings people to life!

If you’re ever feeling bored and stuck in your daily routine, then try adding a bit of mischief to your day. Stuff toilet paper in your kid’s shoes, replace their cereal with carrots, add food colouring to the milk or try freezing someone’s cereal (classic). Try it – see how you feel by the end of the day. You can thank me later 😉.

If you could have any superpower, what would you go for?

That’s easy! I’d go for invisibility. Just imagine all the mischief I could get away with?…

What’s your favourite type of music?

I just love all music – especially upbeat tracks that you can just dance to forever. I’m also a big fan of Riverdance because it’s energetic and really fun – who has a bad time when they’re Riverdancing?

Now you know about me, you better pay me back and give me a follow. You can even share with me your mischievous anecdotes? Can’t Wait.

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