Mischief Mission: Finding The UK’s Top Pranksters

Max here again! MAOAM’s Chief Mischief Maker of course.

I had a word with the Big Wigs to try and recruit some more mischief makers to join in on my pranks – or even better, make their own!

I got the Boffins to go out and discover the city with the biggest pranksters! Guess what? Sheffield is the official pranking capital! Leeds came a close second, followed by Norwich, Cardiff and Leicester. Seems we’ve got mischief all over I’d say!!

Take a look below at the top ten list to see if your city made it…if not, time to up your game. Don’t worry – I offer a crash course in pranking. Class one – learning my  Golden Rules Of Mischief.

We also found out that Cambridge folks are more sweet than sour, with 38% saying they’d NEVER prank! Madness.

I was excited to see what flavour of pranking you all enjoyed the most too. The top of the list included jumping out and scaring someone. Such a classic.

Lots of you also enjoyed using props. Plastic snakes and spiders can always be relied on to give someone a fun little fright! Another popular one involved the legendary whoopee cushion prank. Brilliant.

We have some tech faves too. You lot love to you use your phones. Funny texts and prank calling friends. And some parents had a blast telling their kids that the WIFI wasn’t working!

That’s right! Adults can be just as mischievous! Turns out, parents pranking kids was the most popular kind (33%). 9% of parents said they even pranked their kids with fake sweets – I sure hope REAL MAOAMs are given after…

Now I’ve gauged the mischief levels time to watch them rise…