Summer of Silliness!

Mischievous MAOAM fun in the sun

Make it a Summer of Silliness with our mischievous ideas. We have plenty of playful pranks to brighten up your day and keep kids (and big kids!) entertained. From cheeky tricks to silly surprises, here’s a few ways to guarantee big laughs and unlimited fun all summer long.

Eggs Escape

Surprise somebody with some silly ‘eggspressions’. Grab a box of eggs and a marker pen, draw some funny faces on the eggs and then wait for the laughs to roll in.

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Messy Soap

Make some messy mischief with this silly sauce prank. Swap the soap for tomato sauce and whoever’s next to use it will have even messier hands than they did in the first place!

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Fruit on the loose

Squeeze a little mischief into your morning with this tangy trick. Distract your target and squeeze a lemon into their cereal bowl when they’re not looking. They’ll always remember to keep their eyes peeled around you in future!

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Freaky Fridge

Feast your eyes on this joke and really make someone jump! Bring the contents of your fridge to life with the help of some googly eyes. The next person to look inside will get a real shock when they see their snacks staring back at them.

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Share the silliness!

We’d love to see what mischievous activities you get up to this summer! Share the silliness with us on our socials and post your photos and videos with #MAOAMmischief