Trick the trick-or-treaters

Make some mischief this Halloween!


Why should trick-or-treaters have all the fun this Halloween? It’s time to make some monster mischief of your own with our spooky surprises. We have lots of frighteningly fun ideas that will shock and delight on the doorstep while you’re handing out your MAOAM treats.


Hand of Horror



Trick-or-treaters will be in for a shock when they go to grab their MAOAM treats and they grab back! Cut a hole in the base of your treat bowl that’s big enough to fit your hand through and fill the bowl to the top with MAOAM treats so your hand is hidden. Offer an unsuspecting trick-or-treater the bowl and watch them jump as you grab their hand.

Web of Mischief



Knock on the door if you dare! Use string to make a giant spider web that goes right across the outside of your doorway. When you open the door, trick-or-treaters will have to put their hand through the web to reach their MAOAM treats. You can also tie some MAOAM in the string (along with some plastic creepy-crawlies) for the bravest trick-or-treaters to grab.

Haunted House



Fool trick-or-treaters into believing a ghost has answered the door. Hide out of sight behind your door, and shout “BOO!” through your letterbox when they knock (just before they knock is even better!). Open the door and reward their bravery with some MAOAM treats, or even post them through the letterbox to keep the ghostly mischief going!



We’d love to see how you’ve played trick-or-treaters at their own game with our mischievous pranks! Share your best tricks with us and post your photos and videos with #MAOAMmischief