School Morning Mischief

Start their day with some silliness

Get back to your routine with a burst of fun by making school mornings more mischievous! We have lots of fun ideas to make getting them out of the door less of a chore and set them up for a whole day of play.

Morning Mischief

Snooze, you lose

Wakey-wakey, rise and shine! We have a big day of mischief ahead of us, but the family’s still snoozing! Give them a surprising start to their day by setting an alarm on a phone or smart speaker and hiding it somewhere in their bedroom. They’ll jump out of bed in a jiffy!

Mmmmm mischief

Breakfast, the most mischievous meal of the day. Get silly with their cereal! Prepare a bowl the night before and leave it in the freezer overnight so the milk has frozen by breakfast time. Serve up with a little splash of milk on top as a disguise and watch as they try to dig their spoon in!

School run fun

Make the journey to school cool! Car rides are great for ‘I Spy’ (trick them with something beginning with M and hide a MAOAM in their pocket!) or mix up your walking route to see if you can find any sneaky shortcuts. You can also make scooting or cycling a real adventure by finding lots of fun hills to ride down!

After-school surprises

And the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Keep the mischief going after school too by bringing some fun to homework time. Homework and fun? Yes, you read that right! Try stashing a couple of MAOAM Stripes between the pages of their exercise book, or pop some MAOAM Pinballs in with their after-school snack (grapes are perfect for this!) as a silly surprise.


We’d love to see how you’ve made your return to routine more mischievous! Show us your school day antics and post your photos and videos with #MAOAMmischief