Eggcellent Mischief Mission

Max causing mischief with Dick & Dom

Guess who’s back. Back again. MAX is back!

With…drum roll please…yep you got it! Me challenging Dick and Dom to a hilarious Mischief Mission.

This time I went easy on them. With an easy peasy egg race. Or, maybe not so easy?…

Click to play video

Told yah! Not just any old egg race mwhahaha.

Up for doing something different with the kiddos this Easter? It’s SO easy to create an egg race from home. Hmmm, maybe in the garden?

You Will Need

Below is all you need to try this out at home:

  • An egg for every family member. A fake egg would work even better (less food wastage folks. OR you could use a ball, water balloon, anything small and round)
  • Floor stickers to mark the route of the race. OR, use chalk to mark the race
  • Spatula or large spoon to carry the egg
  • Obstacles – Use whatever you have at home. Whether that be a tennis bat, a pan, cooking tongs…
  • Family members willing to give it a go
  • Cup
  • Timer

How To Do This At Home

You can make your race as simple or as difficult as you dare!

Carefully plan out your race. You need a start point, obstacles with directions (hop, skip and jump) and items to carry the egg. Just like the one I made for Dick and Dom!

Then of course a finish point with a cup for your egg (to be carefully placed).

It’s THAT simple.

Don’t forget to share with me all your eggcellent races on @maoam_uk on Instagram, @maoamuk on Facebook or @OfficialMAOAM on Twitter! I can. Not. Wait. To see all your fun.