Welcome to the MAOAM Hub Of Mischief

Hi. Max here. You know. The little green guy on the MAOAM sweet wrappers. That’s me!

Welcome to my home – The MAOAM Hub of Mischief. I’m going to be sharing tons of tips, challenges, games and my favourite, really funny pranks you can do with your kids! Can’t wait.

Mischief can be caused anywhere. By anyone. So, come on in, join me. Make time every day for nothing but FUN.

What Mischief Lies Ahead?

It’s important to have fun. Even if that’s a silly prank you play during breakfast to start the day on a high!

Need a helping hand with having more mischievous fun with the kids? Challenge accepted.

I’m going to be creating all sorts of free content on my hub for you to enjoy, join in and share.

Keeping the whole family smiling. Woo!

Learn Mischief From Dick and Dom

To spread the joy of mischief right across the country, I’ve got a helping hand from these two: Dick and Dom! If anyone knows mischief. It’s these two.

Expect some pretty hi-lar-ious videos from everyone’s favourite duo as I challenge them to some brilliant mischief missions. Hehehe. All stuff you can do at home, with your kids, to make you laugh. Awesome.

I also challenge YOU! Watch the Dick and Dom mischief missions and have a whirl at them yourself. With the whole family. Promise you will share with me? Do you? Yes!

Have a few tricks up your sleeve? Tell Me, Tell Me.

Know any cool ways to have mischievous fun with the family?

Don’t keep it to yourself. Share with us all. Find me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter, of course!

Can’t wait to cause mischief with you all.

Max – The Creator of Mischief.