Max’s Boredom Busters

Howdy partners! Your main man Max here. Are we ready for some mischievous family fun? I think so!

If your kids are anything like me *cough – super cool – cough*They sometimes get bored and feel like they’ve played all the games. Seen all the films. Eaten all the MAOAMs – especially Pinballs and Stripes, yum! When this happens, I whip out this list of boredom busters and give them a whirl.  

1. Laser Assault Course

What is cooler than an ACTUAL laser assault course? OK, maybe not actual lasers. That might be a bit on the dangerous side huh? 

Instead of using actual laser beams, use the second-best thing. Bunting and long paper chains. Oh yeah, we’re super resourceful at MAOAM. Do it in a crisscross method. Then the kids have to duck and weave their way around the burning lasers!  

Set a timer and see who can do it the fastest. Winner gets a MAOAM! 

2. Build a Secret Hideout

I’m a big fan of a den – who isn’t? 

Instead of doing a normal den – sofa, cushions in the living room etc. Create a super-secret hideout only you and the kids know about…shhh 

Somewhere totally unexpected. Like in the bath? Or in the wardrobe? 

This hiding place is where you can plot all the mischief you’re getting up to that day… 

3. Tie-Dye a Family Member’s Most Boring Clothes

Ask the kids if they have any clothes that they find really boring and want to make more fun! 

It’s super easy to buy a tie-dye kit online, like this one I found. I’m so helpful thank me later.  

This kit has everything you need to transform an old boring t-shirt into a cool, definitely not boring one. The kids will love doing this. PlusI’m no fashion expert but I hear tie-dye is making a comeback!  

C’mon, why not throw a tie-dye fashion show? Send me your pictures! There could be some MAOAM to be won 😉  

4. Make Up Secret Language And Handshake

Ever want to do something fun but don’t have all that time to prep? I totally hear you! 

For those quiet days, this is a sneaky little tip to have in your back pocket 

Make up a secret language with the kids. It can be something really simple like putting MAOAM before every word and gee at the end of every word. So, time to get dressed is, ‘‘MAOAM Timegee MAOAM togee MAOAM getgee MAOAM dressedgee.’’ 

I also love a secret handshake! If you created a mischief den the handshake can be the only way you can enterLOVE it.  

5. Make Lava Lamps

I know what you’re thinking. Woah I can’t make a lava lamp. YES. You can! 

This one requires more prep, so make sure you have all of the below: 

  • Flask or plastic bottle 
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Water 
  • Food colouring 
  • Alka-Seltzer 

Now listen up folks, you don’t want to miss a step!  

First, fill your flask or plastic bottle most of the way with vegetable oil. Then fill the rest of it with your water. See how the water sinks to the bottom under the oil? 

Add a few mischievous drops of food colouring. Maybe your favourite colour? See how it sinks and colours the water at the bottom? Very cool.  

Break your Alka-Seltzer tablet into a few small pieces and drop them in the flask/bottle one at a time.  

Now, for the fun stuff! Watch in awe as your lava lamp erupts with bubbles of colour! SO COOL.  

Handy tip: If you want your lava lamp fun to last even longer, just keep adding more Alka-Seltzer… 

6. Mischievous Paper Plane Challenges

Two of my all-time favourite words. Mischievous Challenges. There’s nothing I would rather do! 

Making paper planes is also pretty fun. Hey, how about you make it into a competition to see whose paper plane can fly the furthest? Or, who can make it the quickest. That would SO be me.  

These aren’t just any old paper planes. These are filled with mischievous challenges for family members to carry out… 

Check out my post on Mischievous Crafts To Do At Home for some inspiration

7. Host A Mischievous Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt will leave the kids entertained for hours! All you need to do is a little bit of prep. Make a fun list of items the kids need to find. You could be reeeallly mischievous and write them as riddles. I just LOVE a riddle.  

Ok, you want some inspiration. How about this one. ‘What is full of holes but still holds water?’ Have you guessed it? A sponge! See? Super fun! 

Now like all good scavenger hunts, this one wouldn’t be complete without some treasure.  There’s only one sort of treasure I’m interested in winning. Oh yeah, you guessed it. MAOAM, of course. Look I know I’m biased, but they really are the best sweets. 


Seriously, how cool were all those ideas? I guess you should start calling me: Max, the mischievous genius. Has a ring to it. Don’t you think? 😉  

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Happy boredom busting, folks!