Mischievous Crafts To Do At Home With Kids

Maoam mischievous Crafts

Hi folks. Max here. If you don’t know who I am, then head over to my interview and get to know all about me. After reading this of course.

You might be thinking. I wonder how I can be more creative with my kids at home? I want to do more fun stuff with them. But, how?

Being crafty at home keeps everyone happy. I just LOVE making things. Don’t you? Especially, mischievous things. Mwahahaha.

So. Here are some of our MAOAM crafty ideas you can do right from your home. Enjoy folks!

Make a Kite.

Making a kite is easy! All you need is a large sheet of paper, some sticks, some string, and ribbons (if you’ve got them).

First, help the kids cut a diamond shape out of paper. Leave them to decorate.

After they’ve done, it’s time to hunt down some sticks. After you’ve found two sticks, tie them together with string to make a cross. Make sure the end of each stick lines up with your kite.

Get a needle, and pierce two holes through your kite’s sail at each corner. Then using your string, fasten your sticks onto your sail.

Finally, attach some ribbon and make sure you’ve got plenty of string attached to the bottom of your kite. Then you’re all ready to get sailing in the air!

Sock Puppets.

Grab some of a family member’s socks and get to work creating a sock puppet!

Add some googly eyes and you’re away! Maybe your puppet is a Rockstar with long hair. Or maybe your puppet is the Loch Ness monster. Whatever you and your children choose to design, it will be hi-lar-ious when the family member finds out where their missing socks have gone…

Make a Wanted Poster.

Howdy partner. The jig is up. Get your kids to make old Western wanted posters to catch their brothers, sisters, or anyone else in cahoots with them.

First, grab a piece of A3. Next, crumple it up into a ball. The more creases the better! Then, uncrumple the paper. Mix one cup of water and one tablespoon of coffee. Use a brush to paint on the mixture. Make sure you poke a few holes in it here and then, to give it that true Western-look! Leave it to dry and then you’re ready to create your wanted poster.

Get the kids to draw their chosen wanted cowgirl or cowboy, their offensive, and of course the reward for their capture! End by throwing a hoedown, enjoying some Western songs. Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex is an obvious choice.

Make a Fake Spider or Snake.

Prank a family member to the Max (pardon the pun) by making a fake spider or snake! Both are quick, easy, and lots of fun.

For the spider, grab some black pipe cleaners, a black pom pom and some googly eyes, of course. Help the kids stick the eyes on the pom pom. Then tie the pipe cleaners around the pom pom and bend to look like long spider legs! There you go. A giant, terrifying spider to make some mischief with! How about putting it in the bath to await an unsuspecting member of the family? Or put on someone’s pillow waiting for him to go to bed…

Next up, the snake! This is even easier! Just add some googly eyes and string to some leftover Christmas tinsel and your snake is ready to cause mischief.

Make Some Funny Fake Glasses.

Another easy one to do (and mischievous, obviously). Grab some left-over pipe cleaners. I recommend the more colourful the better!

Now, get to work making some glasses. Ok, this is fun in itself. But, the real fun happens afterwards. Hide a member of the family’s glasses (somewhere safe of course). Then, put your freshly made, funny fake glasses in their glasses case.

Family Potato Guessing Game.

This one is SO fun. Grab all the crafty bits you have. If you can, get your hands on some googly eyes for this one too. Use whatever potatoes you have in, jacket potatoes work the best. Then challenge the kids to transform their potato into someone in the family.

You must guess who it is! It will be brilliant to see if you guess right! Please do share with me.

That’s all of our MAOAM craft ideas! Don’t worry though, I’m already scratching my mischievous mind so i’ll be back with a part two very soon.

Make sure you share your crafty designs with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’d love to see what you’re all getting up to.

Love Max!