Summer activities with Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Hi Guys!

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Hayley, and I’m a mum to 3 children under the age of 8. So as you can probably imagine, keeping them entertained throughout the summer holidays is my main mission! I worked with MAOAM last summer to come up with some creative ways to have fun with my family… I love the opportunity to get stuck in to making mischief and memories with my kids, it’s such a good opportunity to bond and make memories. MAOAM believe that there should be a burst of fun in every day, and I totally agree!

MAOAM have invited me to share some of my ideas to help you make some mischief with your family this summer, so I’m going to share some of my favourite silly summer activities. These activities will not only help to keep your little ones entertained but will help you to enjoy the summer with them too! Having fun together as a family is what it’s all about.

Wacky Races

On those (quite rare!) opportunities when the sun shines, I like to try my very best to entice my kids out into the garden to make the most of the weather. This can sometimes be a challenge in itself when screen-time is calling them, so I have to get creative in order to convince them that there’s more to life than video games! One of the most successful ways of doing this in my experience is to get the whole family involved in something super silly and fun – and wacky races ticks all of the boxes!

It’s a bit of a cross between an obstacle course and a race, and the best part is that you can make it your own by using anything you can find laying around the garden! You can change up the challenges each time to make it more interesting too.


On this occasion, we divided the family into pairs for our races – competing two at a time. To start with, each racer had to keep a hula hoop moving non-stop for 30 seconds – in any way they could! You can hula traditionally or you can keep it spinning on your arm, anything goes just as long as it doesn’t stop moving – the more creative, the better!

Then it’s time to grab a balloon and transport it as fast as you can to the next point in the race – without using your hands! If you drop the balloon, it’s back to the beginning!


And finally, when you reach the MAOAM Stripes at the end – all you need to do to win the race is be the first one to open the wrapper and pop the sweet into your mouth! The only catch? You have to wear gloves to do it!


Have you ever tried to open MAOAM Stripes while wearing gloves?! Trust me; you’re in for a giggle!

Mischievous Art

My kids absolutely love an arts and crafts session; any excuse to get messy is always a hit in this house! One way I like to step it up in the summer is to take the art sessions outdoors and incorporate some summer garden toys into the experience – namely, water guns!

All you need to do is fill the water guns with watered down paint, and hang some large sheets of paper on the washing line (make sure you take the washing off first!) – Then let the kids loose with the water guns and see what masterpieces they can create! Super easy and always a winner!

Prank The Family

Family pranks are always good fun, just as long as you remember Max’s 10 Golden Rules of Mischief of course. This weekend I decided to play a quick and easy prank on the family by using some googly eye stickers from the craft box to transform our kitchen cupboards into something silly – the kids thought it was hilarious! Everything looks funny with some googly eyes on, doesn’t it?! In fact we’ve taken to pranking each other by sticking googly eyes onto random things around the house for a giggle!

And if you like this prank, why not check out other mischievous ways to have fun with your family with MAOAM’s Summer of Silliness!

Silly Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are one of our favourite ways to beat the boredom, and there are so many different ways you can do them.





They can be a quick and easy activity in the garden or on a family walk – you just grab a sheet of paper, scribble out a few different colours and then send the family to find an item for each colour on the sheet.

You could even make it more interesting by making it a MAOAM scavenger hunt, hiding some MAOAM Stripes around the house and sending the kids to find the right colours for their sheet. A good way to keep them busy for 20 minutes!

For more ideas on how to be mischievous with your family, check out MAOAM’s instagram posts such as their woodland scavenger hunt.




I hope these ideas help to keep your family entertained this summer. Myself and MAOAM would love to see what you come up with to keep things mischievous – tag @OfficialMAOAM in your photos on Twitter, @MAOAMUK on Facebook and MAOAM_UK on Instagram – and don’t forget to use the hashtags #MAOAMmischief and #SummerOfSilliness so that we can see your silly summer ideas!