The Sneaky Snack Mischief Mission

Hey, I’m Max! MAOAM’s mini, mischievous mascot.

I love anything and everything mischievous. Challenges. Games. Missions. THE LOT.

Don’t believe me? Check out the mischief missions I’ve being doing with my partners in crime, Dick and Dom.

Now, I have the PERFECT mischief mission to teach you today. Best of all, it involves using an empty packet of MAOAM sweets – hey parents, great excuse to eat them all !

Ready to get one up on the kiddos?

All you need is an empty bag of MAOAM sweets and a small remote-control car…

Click to play video

Max’s Pranking Top Tips


  • See how far you can get the bag of sweets before anyone notices the remote-control car!
  • Have someone else control the car from another room. Hold your hands up and pretend it was moving by itself.