Full-On Fun Valentine’s Day DIY

I love Valentine’s Day. Yes, me Max, you heard that right.

But it’s not because of all the lovey dovey stuff – yuck! It’s because I love any opportunity for a bit of the ol’ mischief.

If you didn’t know that about me already, let me introduce myself. I love all things creative, prank-related and of course, MAOAM sweets.

With all the gifts and cards and decorations for the big day, there are plenty of chances for a bit of pranking fun!


Love Goggles

First up, we’d better look the part.

As it’s the day of love, let’s make some love googles to get us in the mood…just call me Cupid!


You will need

Pipe cleaners


Any other fun additions such as pom poms, tinsel, beads etc


The love goggles are made up of:

2 x heart shaped ‘lenses’

1 x smaller pipe cleaner bridge to sit on your nose

2 x ‘arms’ which are the bits that sit on your ears

To make a heart shape take a straight pipe cleaner and pinch into a ‘v’ shape in the centre, then curl either end round to create the two curves of the love heart that meet at the top.

Just twist these ends together to secure. And repeat a second time…unless you have three eyes 😉

For the nose bridge, bend a smaller piece of pipe cleaner over the bridge of your nose and trim.

Then we just need the arms folks!

So, balance your goggles on your nose, measure how much pipe cleaner you’ll need to reach around your ears.

Simply twist one end onto your lenses and form a candy cane shape – mmm candy canes…

Repeat for the other side.

This may require a bit of practice, but the beauty of piper cleaners is you can straighten them out and just start again 😊

Paper cup love bugs

These friendly lil’ fellas are fun to make and will look great as decorations.

There may even be a sweet surprise involved…

You will need

Paper party cups

Googly eyes

Pipe cleaners

Something sharp to pierce the cups


Decoration; paints, felt tips, crayons, stickers, feathers…you know the drill

Firstly, we need to give these love bugs some legs!

Mark a dot around the rim of the cup. Adults, this is one for you; taking a sharp object like a screwdriver or a sharpened pencil, carefully poke a hole through until you reach the other side of the cup.

Pierce another hole here too, and thread your first pipe cleaner through, leaving about 10cm sticking out of either side.

Turn the cup upside down.

The pipe cleaner should stick out of either end to resemble two little hairy legs!

You can bend them slightly to look more realistic. Repeat this step on either side so you have six legs in total. Then, add your Googly eyes to bring this little love bug to life! Stick on as many as you like.

Here is one I prepared earlier…

Whether your cup is jazzy or plain, you might want to add more fun to it with your decorations but remember to add a little love to your bug and hide a few MAOAMS underneath to make someone smile!

Chocolate Box Roulette

Any serious pranker worth their salt knows the old fake chocolate trick. But let’s face it, Valentine’s is a very popular time to give your loved one a box of fancy chocs. That means an excellent chance for a bit of fun!

You will need

Box of foil wrapped chocolates

MAOAM Pinballs

Brussel sprouts- yuck!


Select about a third of your chocolates and carefully unwrap – you can set these aside to eat yourself as a little bonus! Keep the foils as we’re going to add in some cheeky surprises!

Grab your MAOAM Pinballs, and your sprouts and carefully re-wrap these, placing carefully back into their spots.

Re-wrap your chocolate box with wrapping paper or a bow so it doesn’t look suspicious!

And then…wait for the surprise! Some will be a sweet surprise (hello Pinballs!), others will be a yucky green sprout. Endless fun! You could even make a game where you have to take turns to select and eat the surprise!


Fancy a go at an idea?

Or do you have any other Valentine’s surprises up your sleeve? I’d love to see! Share your makes with me and rest of the MAOAM folks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.