DIY Christmas Crafts

Hi folks. Max here! MAOAM’s ultimate mischief maker.

Now, I LOVE Christmas Day. But I also enjoy the build up to Christmas! In fact, until the tree comes down I’m in full festive mode.

Crafting is one of my favourite ways to get into the spirit. I suppose I am a pretty crafty guy…Mwahaha.

Here are some of my top Christmas DIY crafts!

Glow In The Dark Snow Globe

Here is a fun Max fact. I collect snow globes. No kidding – I have hundreds! I even have ones with MAOAM sweets inside…

This isn’t just any old boring, snow globe tutorial. Oh, fear not. This is for making a ‘glow in the dark’ Christmas snow globe – AWESOME.

You Will Need:

  • An empty jar – Any size will do!
  • Flat tonic water – I may be mischievous, but I don’t want you getting fizzy tonic water all over the shop
  • Waterproof glue
  • Foam Christmas character which will fit within your jar– I’ve spotted some fantastic foam reindeers Alternatively, you can cut your own Christmas shapes out a large piece of foam paper
  • Glitter

Now, this is pretty simple!

Using your waterproof glue. Take off the jar lid and place on a table. Then, stick your foam character upright on the inside of the lid.

Put the lid aside and fill the jar with the tonic water and glitter! It might get a bit messy but hey, that adds to the fun…

Pop on the lid with your Christmas character attached. Turn the right way around so the lid is at the bottom and give it a good old shake!

Then. Turn off the lights and enjoy your glow in the dark festive fun!

Max Tip – This is a cool festive party trick – impress your family and friends and tell them the reason why tonic water glows in the dark. It has a chemical called quinine dissolved in it which makes the water go a very COOL fluorescent bright blue!!

MAOAM Christmas Cracker Surprises

I just love decorating my Christmas tree! You know what else I love? MAOAM sweets!

Pinballs, Stripes, Joystixx…

So why not put my two favourite things together?

You Will Need:

  • A4 piece of paper
  • Cardboard tubes – Hey, why not use Christmas wrapping paper tubes cut down?
  • Ribbon or string
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • MAOAM sweets – Get extra so you can chew whilst you craft!

Lay your A4 piece of paper down on a table landscape (so that the longest sides are at the top and bottom).

If you’re using my fantastic idea of recycling old wrapping paper tubes, then place this in the centre of the paper lengthwise and cut down to fit if needed – so there’s still space either side of the tube folks.

At the end of the tube, score the paper softly with a pair of scissors.

Then simply wrap the paper around the tube overlapping the edges to create one big tube.

Carefully – twist one side of your cracker around the ends of the cardboard tube and secure with your ribbon.

Then we add the yummy MAOAM sweets – make sure you don’t eat them!

And finally secure the other side of the cracker with the ribbon.

You can make several more if you want to create an advent calendar. Number the crackers with the final count-down dates to Christmas and pop evenly on your Christmas tree.

A lucky little mischief maker can enjoy a MAOAM treat leading up to the big day – or you can 😉


Psst. I have a blog to come very soon JAM PACKED with really funny Christmas cracker jokes…just you wait…

Christmas Treat Jars

Have some empty jars? If not – you can grab some from pretty much any supermarket.

The idea here is to create a festive jar filled with MAOAM and Christmas related treats.

This Christmas Treat Jar can ONLY be opened by a selfless act of good!

Some great ideas could be donating old clothes/toys, making online Christmas cards for family and helping wrap presents.

I love selfless acts as they make everyone involved feel AMAZING.

You Will Need:

  • One Empty jar
  • Any crafts you have – Paint, glitter, pipe cleaners, googly eyes etc.
  • Sweets – MAOAM sweets is a must!

First make sure your jars are clean and labels are fully removed. We don’t need that boring stuff ruining our lovely festive creations.

Next is pretty much up to you, your crafting buddy and what crafts you have.

Some ideas…add pipe cleaners to the lid as antlers, pop on some googly eyes and a small fluffy red nose and ta-dah. You have Rudolph!

Don’t forget to paint your jars and add glitter for a festive sparkle!

Santa Paper Plates Character

I LOVE getting crafty with paper plates. Hey, when they’re dry, you could even use them to serve MAOAMs on!

You can create pretty much make any festive character, but I JUST love a Santa!

Also, you can turn it into a bit of competition – who can do the best Santa?

You Will Need:

  • Selection of paper plates
  • Paint
  • Cotton wool
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue

What mischief makers don’t love getting messy with painting?

Have some fun when painting your Santa faces!

You need red for his hat and a pinky colour for the face. Add on googly eyes and a nose!

Next, the cotton buds will be perfect to add to the rim of the hat and for creating a big ole Santa beard!

Competition time. Who created the best Santa?

Cork Reindeer Decorations

Tis the season to be Merry! Want to find a way to use all those corks from wine bottles? I gotcha!

You Will Need:

  • Pipe cleaners – Black or brown are best!
  • Googly eyes
  • Red small fluffy balls
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

This is a quick craft with an awesome result.

All you need to do is gather your corks – make sure they’re clean!

Take two pipe cleaners and create into antlers. Simply bend into an antler shape – easy peasy.

Stick the pipe cleaners into the cork. Bob on the googly eyes, the nose and there you have it – a reindeer!

Even better. Add a ribbon to the top of the cork and hang it to your tree. Perfect!


There you have it – some SERIOUSLY cool Christmas crafts.  

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Merry Christmas folks!