MAOAM and Heart Radio Making Mischief In Prankster Capital

It’s me. Max! I love creating mischief with MAOAM. (For any newbies check out some of my hilarious Dick and Dom Mischief Missions). Our missions have brought a BURST of silliness. But, time to turn it up a notch.

We all know, I LOVE a classic mischief mission. BUT. This time. I was set on discovering the most mischievous pranksters right across the UK!

I did some seriously sneaky inspector work and discovered which regions have the TOP UK pranksters…drum roll please…

Leeds and Sheffield came out as the top two most mischievous cities in the UK! Hey, if you don’t believe me, check out the results here.

This made me curious. How hilarious are Yorkshire folk? So I decided to visit Leeds and scope out the mischief. BUT. I didn’t do this alone! I recruited the awesome Heart Yorkshire to come along with me…

We joined forces and took over the White Rose Centre in Leeds. Transforming it into…MAOAMSHIRE!

Don’t take my word for it? Check out The Yorkshire Post talking about our takeover…safe to say, mischief mission complete!

Along with giving out MAOAM sweets, playing pranks and involving everyone in our exciting competitions. It was SO much fun…

Dixie and Emma, presenters from Heart Yorkshire, also got up to some hilarious pranks. Check them out below!

Click to play video

Hmmm, where will I go next? Find out more.